Thursday, May 26

You ain't heard the last of Earnest T. Bass

Or have we? Howard Morris, comedy veteran, died Saturday at age 85. Earnest T. threw his first rock in The Andy Griffith Show episode "Mountain Wedding" (Charlene married Dud anyway) and went on to become one of Mayberry's best-loved characters.

Geography and arithmetic will never be the same.

Tuesday, May 24

The Force is strong with this one

To prepare for seeing The Revenge of the Sith tonight, I've been playing 20 Questions with Darth Vader. I was pretty scared when he got "cilantro" in 17 questions on my first try (I thought that was pretty obscure), but I stumped him with "blue jay." Some of the questions leading up to it made me laugh:

Does it bring joy to people? NO!
Is it annoying? YES.
Is it a bluebird? Definitely not.

Ask Paula if you'd like more information regarding blue jays.

Thursday, May 19

What would Lewis say?

It seems that the end of the year will bring an abundance of licensed merchandise associated with The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Although the list here indicates that virtually any product imaginable will be available with the Narnia logo emblazoned on it, these I find particularly ironic:

Turkish Delight (now you too can become enchanted with greed)

And after you have eaten (and are not satisfied), brush your teeth with your very own Narnia toothbrush from Oral B.