Monday, April 7

Sense and Sensibility drinking game

Take a drink every time Margaret (called Meg in this version) runs and yells to announce the approach of a visitor.

I'm sad the Jane Austen season is over. Now to the books!

Friday, April 4

...and then I found $20.

No, really! Yesterday as I was walking into the post office I found a $20 bill lying in plain view on the sidewalk. I walked past it at first. "Surely it's not a real $20 bill," I thought. "Someone else would have picked it up by now." I continued in and retrieved the mail from our box. When I came out, the bill was still there. So I picked it up and took it inside to Mr. Johnny, one of the employees. He was awarded a purple heart, so I think he is trustworthy. And I realized that I didn't even need to keep it; just finding $20 is exciting. The next time I find myself in a lagging conversation, I will tack this story onto the end of it, and all will be well.

Wednesday, April 2

Time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: getting back together with old friends to make a successful collaboration.
Bad Idea: stealing old friends in order to copy a successful collaboration.


Good Idea: Sixpence None the Richer is recording and touring together again.
Bad Idea: NBC is creating a spin-off of The Office, set to air after the super bowl this fall. NBC executive Ben Silverman says, "It’s very likely you will see some of those actors [from The Office] on the spin-off."

I'm sure Leigh Nash and Matt Slocum have plenty of creativity left, but I'm afraid an Office spin-off while the original is still running can only hurt both the old and new shows. I think I'll watch this to cheer myself up.