Tuesday, February 12

You, you… me! ME!

Guitta tagged me, so I’m going to talk about myself for a little while.

1. My books are organized by color. I got the idea from Apartment Therapy, but I have only myself to blame. This might sound crazy to some people, and I know it’s not for everyone. But I remember things visually and I don’t have very many books in my apartment. It’s working so far, and I like the way it looks.

2. I much prefer going barefoot to wearing shoes. As long as the floor is clean and the right texture. (See number 3.)

3. I can’t stand shag carpet. CANNOT bear to come in contact with it, and thinking about it too long makes me start to feel nauseated. I know white shag rugs are hugely popular right now, but nothing could induce me. No. Ugh.

4. I think Rembrandt was amazing. Did you ever look at the Bible and start thinking, “Why are these the books in the Bible and not others?” Then you read bits of the other possibilities and think “Oh, that’s why.” It’s like that with art. After a while looking at an art history book you think, “Why are these the famous artists and paintings and not others?” Then you get a chance to see an artist like Rembrandt in a museum, with his work hung alongside his contemporaries. Then it all becomes clear. Others tried, but he achieved something they couldn’t quite get.

5. I’ve never seen A Christmas Story. This can be amusing when the person I’m talking to starts referring to it without even checking first. I nod and smile for a little while until it comes to me. “Oh, I get it,” I eventually think. “It’s from A Christmas Story.”

6. In elementary school I ate everyone else’s unwanted black jelly beans at Easter. Now I probably wouldn’t want to eat food that had been on another kid’s plate, and I don’t crave candy so much anymore.

7. When I see how I have changed my mind about things in the past—the jelly beans for example—I worry that I will change my mind about other things I hold true now. What if I decide that putting bobble headed plush cats and dogs in the back window of my car is cute? Will someone stop me, or will they let me just go down that path of tackiness?