Thursday, June 23

The ants are welcome company

Derek Webb played at First Pres Friday night, and I infiltrated the youth group to attend. It was exciting to hear two new songs: "Mockingbird" and "Rich Young Ruler." Someone uploaded recent bootlegs of these from a show in Decatur, AL. You can hear them here. It was a very small show, and the audience was polite and attentive, if rather quiet. I wanted to hoop and holler more, especially when Derek plugged The Normals - Cason Cooley was his backup man - but mine is not a voice well-equipped for instigating crowd enthusiasm, and I wimped out.

I did, however, kill a roach afterwards. It was careening around the aisle beneath out feet, and I thought, "This won't do." So I took off my flip-flop and smacked it. Roaches are not welcome company.

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