Wednesday, November 2

First ya make a roux

On Monday night I made gumbo on my own for the first time and decided to give Tony Chachere's Instant Roux a try. There are so many interesting and mysterious mixes in the Lousiana, Mexican and Asian sections of Wal-Mart. I am always tempted by them and simultaneously skeptical and disapproving. A mix can't be as good as the old time-tested methods, can it? I tell myself not to become dependent on them; they're just for this season of life while I work full time. I'm sure if I were married with lots of children I would have much more time for cooking.

But Tony lured me in (look how cute he was), and I followed the recipe on the back of the container. It didn't call for any okra, however, and that is essential to good gumbo. Fortunately this was proportioned just right to add about half a bag of frozen okra. I thought it all turned out rather well. Next time I will probably add more onion and celery. It made a lot--–so much that I had to split it between two pots halfway through. Now we have hot gumbo for lunch instead of cold lunchmeat sandwiches.


Paula said...

very good! Actually, there are two different kinds of gumbo thickeners: okra is the first (yum! I truly love slimy okra), file is the second.
There is a song that Hank Williams sang:
"Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie and a file gumbo. Son of a gun, gonna have some fun on the bayou."
It is played in the reception scene on Steel Magnolias.
All that to say, they probably had file in the mix and that's why it didn't call for okra--I would have added it, too, though. Another good gumbo mix is in a blue bag in that section, it's some Louisiana brand and quite scrumptious.
Have you checked your e-mail? And if so, then why haven't you e-mailed me back!!!

Caroline said...

Thanks for your words of wisdom (I have so much to learn!) It did say to garnish with file. Next time I will try the Louisiana brand.

And I haven't gotten an email from you! Do resend!!

calebW said...

Hey, thanks for the heads-up. thought you was all through with this one. Look forward to visiting tonight!

calebw said...

Thanks for having us over for cookies. It was great to see those old childhood films. I still laugh about Wendell's cookie! That's amazing you've been able to transfer them to digital!

Racine said...

You have to watch out for OKRA!
Once a neighbor gave us some from his garden. It was old and tough and when we tried to flush it down the garbage disposal, it clogged it up and we had to buy a new one! That began very expensive "free" okra!

Racine said...

I meant to say it "became" not "began!" Oh, My!