Thursday, December 1

Rumor has it...

Keep in mind that this is unconfirmed rumor, but given the fact that the members of The Normals have discussed a reunion show, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true. This comes from The Normals' message board:
I am lucky in the fact that I live in Normal, IL. I was going into Damon's to see one of the Cardinals playoff games and I saw one of the guys from the Normals. I am not great with their names. I think it was Mark. I was like, 'Hey. Weren't you in a band.' He was like 'yeah.' I then responded that I thought he was in The Normals. He said that he was in the band. We talked about knowing Andy's brother, Robbie, and the fact that he went to school with one of my old roommates. I then asked him if they were going to make a new CD and he said that they were. With him back in town and another guy in Peoria, IL and the other guys living in N-Vegas (aka Nashville), he said they were going to use computers and their in house studios to lay down tracks and send them over the internet to each other. They are then all going to get together to mix the CD.

And if it is true, it is rather exciting.
I'll try to write about something besides The Normals next time.

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Wendell Kimbrough said...

Just wanted to say hey and that your blog is cool. I haven't been keeping up, but I just skimmed. Especially enjoyed the C.S. Lewis comments.