Tuesday, April 18

In which every chapter is better than the one before

The quote for today comes from Andrew Osenga:

One of the greatest aches is a few moments after snapping out of a reverie. Maybe heaven is like snapping out of real life and into the reverie forever.


Leigh said...

Hey Caroline! I loved the post from yesterday...I have a story about such a think as well, but for private conversation...Anyway, I got a job in Jackson at UMC, so I hope to see more of you! I should start either May 22 or 30! Hope to see you soon!

Leigh said...

Hey Caroline! I'm pretty excited too! I have an apartment guide; I'm just trying to find a descent 1 bedroom/1 bath within a reasonable distance from UMC. I found one that I could move into on May 15 (Sunchase of Ridgeland), so if I can't find anything else, I should be able to get that one. Anyway, can't wait to see you soon!