Friday, September 1

Free Derek Webb

No, this isn't a movement to get our favorite bald guitar player out of jail. Beginning today, Derek's latest album Mockingbird is available to dowload for free, in its entirety, at Why is Derek doing this? I'll let him explain that. So what are you waiting for? Head over to right now, and while you're there spread the word. After all, it's free!


Sara P said...

I am so bummed! The album started downloading 45 minutes ago, and my computer is telling me it's got 9 hours and 2 minutes left. Guess there are some things I can't do on this old fashioned less-than-optimal dial up!!

Caroline said...

Well, if that doesn't work I can burn a copy and mail it to you!

Sara P said...

It's not going to happen from this end!! :( Oh well!!