Wednesday, September 12


My cousins and I went to a ceili Saturday night. It's held every year as part of the CelticFest at the Agriculture and Forestry Museum in Jackson. We danced and watched and danced some more. The room was crowded, and I met friends I didn't know were there as I passed down the line.
Girls wore their skirts and slippers. And hoped there would be enough boys to dance with.
The gentlemen listened carefully to instructions. To tread on a lady's foot is embarrassing and painful for all concerned.
Suspenders and newsboy caps were also donned. I like to see the couples lined up like characters in a Jane Austen novel. If he asks you to dance twice, it is a compliment, since there are so many other young ladies to choose from. Just remember to hold on tight during the spins, or else you'll go flying.
Which might not be a bad thing. It's what the music makes you want to do anyway.

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guitta chaiban hogue said...

very cool blog, caroline. I like hearing what's inside your head...and your a talented writer-funny, too.