Thursday, July 17

U stand for uptight. That's how I'm feelin.'

If I had kids who were going to sing the same thing over and over I would show them this upcoming segment from Sesame Street in which Feist teaches kids to count to--you guessed it--four.

She joins a long line of musicians who've appeared on the show over the years. Altering your hit song to help children learn is a worthy cause... although I'm not sure what my generation was supposed to learn from Smokey Robinson's Sesame Street performance of "You Really Got A Hold On Me."

Does anyone else remember being mildly creeped out when they saw Smokey being chased by a giant letter U?


Sarah Jo said...


Sarah Jo said...

thanks! :-]

Wendell said...

The title "U stand for uptight. That's how I'm feelin." Is making me laugh out loud alone in my house on a dreary, rainy, sunless day.

That's special.