Wednesday, February 25


This morning I saw a woodpecker hammering away outside my kitchen window. Unfortunately he flew away before I could get a better picture. I am so thankful that the sun is usually out when I get up now. It makes mornings so much easier. I like to stand in the sunniest spot while I eat breakfast. That spot happens to be a rather crowded corner, so I'm sure I look funny wedged in an awkward position when the rest of the kitchen is empty. But seeing everything bathed in morning light makes even ordinary things beautiful.


Paula said...

Natural light is a great beautifier! My greatest decorating nightmare would be living in a house with no windows and dark walls. I think I would shrivel up like a forgotten raisin in a carseat.

Sarah Jo said...

my house has great morning light but poor light when I get home from turns out to be a blessing in disguise that I must now walk 2 miles home everyday - plenty of Vitamin D exposure! :-)

Caroline said...

You are going to be in such good shape!