Tuesday, July 11

It is by no means certain that another offer of marriage may ever be made you.

These are words that no girl wants to hear: "You'd be perfect for Mr. Collins." I grinned with glee when I came across these BBC Pride and Prejudice quizzes yesterday, but my face soon fell when the results were tabulated. My perfect match is MR. COLLINS? Every feeling revolts! Never mind that I have the creepy wave practiced to perfection. That doesn't mean I want someone waving at me that way. Everyone knows he's the silliest man in all of England. So what prompted the BBC to come to this conclusion? I'm afraid it was my answer to this question: What does your ideal man write in his Valentine card? I answered "He doesn't give one," because I am not a big fan of Valentine's Day (we'll save the reasons why for another post). But just because I don't like Valentine's Day doesn't mean I would like Mr. Collins!

Besides, I have another reason for believing we would not go well together. It seems I am most like Lizzie, and as she said herself, "You could not make me happy, and I am convinced I am the last woman in the world who could make you so." What a relief!

So, dear readers, what are your quiz results?


Micah said...

My results are equally disturbing. The BBC thinks I have very little common sense and no good judgement.

"You are Kitty. You are always up for a laugh and love nothing more than flirting with the guys. Be careful though; some things in life ought to be taken seriously."

As for my love life..."You fall for the sweet-talking charmer every time. You'd never be able to resist a cad like Wickham."

Anonymous said...

Oh, Caroline! Mr. Collins is most definitely NOT the match for you! I thought that Mr. Darcy would be for me, but it appears that Mr. Bingly would be a better fit. Except that I'm Lizzie, too... And everyone knows that that only someone as sweet-tempered as Jane can really do for Mr. Bingly.

Anonymous said...

I forgot to tell you that the former comment is by me- Merilee:)