Wednesday, April 6

For the loser now will be later to win

There is such a lovely sense of unity and like-mindedness when you realize that many of your favourite living musicians are friends with one another. This occurred to me as I was lingering at the foot of the stage after Derek Webb's show Monday night at Mississippi College.

Derek's best friend and wife Sandra McCracken opened with "Springtime Indiana," followed by "Sunday Morning" and "Age After Age." The band joined her for "Trade My Love" and "Now and Then." It was fun to hear those two rocked up a bit. Sandra closed her set with an acoustic rendition of her "best attempt" at an old hymn, "Awake My Soul." Sandra's isn't instant gratification music. It took me months to fall in love with Gypsy Flat Road, but now I'm head over heels and think I'll stay that way.

Steven Delopoulos, formerly the front man for Burlap to Cashmere, got everyone's attention the moment he began fingering his acoustic guitar, and he held it until the last note was played. I'm not familiar enough with his music to give you a playlist, but seven songs later I think many of us were contemplating a visit to the merchandise table.

It's no coincidence that Derek began his set with a cover of Dylan's "The Times They Are A Changin.'" The only solo acoustic song of the night, it was a message to the audience: don't expect to hear what you've heard before. The band (Will Sayles, drums; Cason Cooley, keyboards, and I forgot the bass player's name-of course!) joined him to break into "I Want a Broken Heart" Here is the rest of the playlist:

Saint and Sinner
Somewhere North
I Can't Lose You
Rich Young Ruler (This is a new one written for the next album, which could be out as early as this fall)
The Blood of the Lamb (Woody Guthrie)
Ballad in Plain Red (I've wanted to hear this one live since my first listen on iStud)
Wedding Dress
Lover Part 2
I Repent

After the show, I summoned every ounce of courage and approached Cason Cooley. If you aren't familiar with Cason's late, great band The Normals, please do yourself a favor and enrich your life by buying one of their excellent albums. Cason's also involved with the Indelible Grace cds as well as countless others. This is what I meant at the beginning about musicians being friends. I love to read the band credits and thank you's on cds and trace the family of faith through the lines. Anyway, Cason was very nice as I practically trembled with shyness and tried not to gush too hard about my love for The Normals.

As a postscript: I have some Derek Webb promo materials left over... Email me or leave a comment if you're interested.


merilee said...

Dear Caroline! It's so wonderful to see you blogging... I'm a bit jealous and might have to join the ranks... but until then, I plan on visiting yours frequently!

Wendell said...

Hello sister. Glad to you finding your voice in this tremendous megalopolis of online yelling and screaming.

I can hardly express my delight over your choice of title. I hope that when next I happen upon a bevy of beautiful maidens I will give voice to an equally eloquent aspiration!

Wendell sheepishly said...

Funny, I previewed that thing 3 times. It was correct when I began and had a typo when I finished. Ha!

edit/undo only goes so far...

Lady Bouquet said...

Your page is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what glorious things arise from it. I'm sorry we missed the concert. We were supposed to eat dinner with the Cangelosi's that night. Ultimately they had to cancel, but it was too late then. Did you employ all sorts of espionage to get in?

David said...

Caroline! What a weblog title! I'm glad you're here, and I look forward to checking often.

Last week I received "She Must and Shall Go Free" in the mail, and it's keeping me company during much of my drive time.

Caroline said...

Paula, espionage proved unnecessary; I just walked in right behind Tim Udouj. It was rather anticlimactic.

Thank y'all for the encouragement. I really have no idea what to write

Leigh said...

Caroline, dear friend! Wow! I love the blog! I am glad to hear the concert went well. I wanted to go, but I had some things come up that had to be tended to. I hope to be able to see you soon! I love you!
Leigh =)