Wednesday, April 20

Lord have mercy on the Frozen Man

Last weekend I took a field trip to Washington DC with my parents. We nearly walked our feet off in our attempt to take in as much as we could in four days, but it was worth it. It's not every day you get the chance to see Rembrandts, mummies and a Tyrannosaurus, but that's just what we did see on Friday. Thanks to an early start from Jackson, we were in DC by lunchtime, and walking into the Museum of Natural History shortly afterwards. Our hotel was so close to most things that we could walk. It was amazing to step in off the street (the Smithsonian museums don't charge admission) and see a real Triceratops skeleton (he was my favourite when I was little). Upstairs were the mummies and an exhibit on the frozen man found in the Alps (who was my height and weight when he died). Oh, and the Hope diamond.

From there we went to the National Gallery of Art for the exhibit of Rembrandt's Late Religious Portraits. Rembrandt is one of my absolute favourite artists, and seeing his work in person was amazing. Looking into the face of this self-portrait, I was arrested and moved by the expression in his eyes so much that I wanted to cry. It felt like no one else was in the gallery except he and I. You could never guess from a reproduction all that he conveys with just paint on a canvas.

More to come.

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