Saturday, April 30

The planet Laloo

Now for the domestic part of this blog. I discovered that collard greens make a decent substitute for seaweed in miso soup. I usually use fresh spinach, but I was out this particular night and really wanted to make miso. So I tossed in the collard greens to see what would happen. They were a bit on the crunchy side, but definitely edible. And I found the Southern/Asian combo funny.

I went garage sale shopping with my roommate and her mom this morning (early this morning) and came home with some rather exciting bargains: two cool vintage scarves, Eats, Shoots and Leaves, a stack of vintage 50s Christmas cards (design inspiration), Pyrex, and a PG Wodehouse book. I think the grand total was $2.90.

Some of my best finds from past garage sales include Caedmon's Call's 40 Acres, the first two Harry Potter books, and The Austere Academy and The Hostile Hospital. It's a very satisfying experience to know that you saved yourself a ton of money, and you usually finish by 9 or 10 and have the whole rest of the day in front of you. I highly recommend it. If fact, we'll be hosting a sale ourselves next Saturday, so please do come buy our junk.

In other news, one of my favourite musicians, Andrew Osenga is now blogging as well. After reading almost the whole thing one day, I went to bed and dreamed one of the most transparent of dreams. In it I was talking to Andrew, and somehow the fact that I'd worked at Twin Lakes came up. He said "Oh yeah! Well we love Twin Lakes..." And I thought, "Yes! I'm cool in Andy's book!" I didn't remember it until I put a Twin Lakes t-shirt on to go running the next day. Suddenly all became clear. I had worn another camp shirt the day before (hence the Twin Lakes reference), and in the dream Andy had said "Well we love Twin Lakes" in exactly the same tone I'd over heard Derek say to a fan at the MC show "Well we love RUF..." At the time I probably made a mental note: RUF=cool in Derek's book. Obviously my subconscious was working out how to get in good with Andrew. *Sigh* Just one nerd trying to impress another. : )

Besides, I happen to know that it's not just the fans that dream about Andy. Andy dreams about the fans too.


paula said...

Caroline, Happy early Birthday! I have been forgetful as of late,but here is an early wish of felicitations to you! Is the the big two-four or two-five? I cannot remember! We are nearing thirty, no matter the age!! Augh!

Caroline said...


At least I'm younger than you are. ; )

David said...

"Some of my best finds from past garage sales include...the first two Harry Potter books"

While I was at the library yesterday, I asked how many copies of HP and The HalfBlood Prince they had ordered. The librarian said 70, and she didn't anticipate any of them remaining on the shelves for a year.

Happy birthday, by the way. May your 24th year be full of good books, good beer, and good food.

David said...

Strong Bad has something to say about garage sales at

noxapaterflash said...

More! More! More!
and go to Caleb's site.

noxapaterflash said...

oh, this is Ben Hailey.